Jewelry Inspired by 'The Painted Village'

Our NEW Greece Collection Jewelry is made in Athens by Violeta. An excavationist-turned-jewelry-maker who co-created three pieces with us, inspired by an ancient Greek village. Intrigued? Scroll for the full story.

Why We Love It

Meet the Maker

Say hi to Athens-based artisan and jewelry maker Violeta Fillipou. A former archeology and ancient Greek history student who now uses her studies as creative inspiration for new designs and pieces.

“I grew up in the city, with a vast amount of different architectural forms and details. So, I use that in my jewelry. Many different, interesting little details. I build my collections based on geometry.” - Violeta

The Rest is History

The team heard about Violeta’s designs from fellow artisan, and maker of our Versatile Towel, Costas. They fell in love with her intricate designs, bringing together her studies, ancient Greek phrases and philosophies in a playful, fun and modern way.

“After visiting many ancient sites and museums, with displays of fine gold jewelry you associate with the ancient Greek gods and goddesses of mythology, we were immediately drawn in by Violeta’s style. Empathetic to ancient craft whilst being modern and chic.” - Georgina, Exploration Director

Violeta’s Inspiration

“Pyrgi (the painted village) was the inspiration for me to start designing these items. I aim to create wholesome pieces with interesting little details for you to focus on. That’s the interesting part of these pieces.” - Violeta

Inspired by Pyrgi’s tiled buildings, Violeta uses the wax mold method to carve intricate geometric patterns, also known as ‘sgraffito’, into gold-plated pieces. Completely unique and co-created with us, like a piece of Greek art you can wear.

Golden Hour, Anytime
Golden Hour,
Stack Greek style with accessories made to wear tightly together