Meet the Exploration Team

Warning: this article *will* cause extreme jealousy and wanderlust. Introducing our Exploration Team, Georgina and Rita, Crabtree & Evelyn’s full time adventurers, bringing back the best of their travels to us. (We told you, the dream job). Their wings may be clipped right now, but once the world opens up again, they can’t wait to get back on the road.

Here, we chat to the team about their favourite trips, upcoming collections and what’s next.

What makes you an explorer?

G: I’m an explorer at heart, I always have been. I got to travel a lot with my family and that passion never left me. Whenever I’ve had the opportunity to pack a bag and just quit life, I have. It’s a bit of a running joke between my family and friends. Instead of just booking a little holiday I tend to go, “Nope!”. Quit the flat, quit the job, I’m off for a couple of months and I’m gonna explore and see where it takes me.

R: From a very young age I travelled with my family across North America. We had family in California so we did a lot of road trips to the west coast. I went to university in New York, and I just got the bug to travel. Since then I’ve studied abroad in Melbourne, I’ve lived in Vancouver, Sydney, and now in London.

What’s one of your most memorable trips?

G: Around two years ago I decided to quit the flat in London, quit my job and spend four months travelling through Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and I managed to add on the Philippines, too. When you do something like that, it’s life changing. It gives you a change of perspective, a chance to breathe, slow down and work out what you really want and really need in life.

R: I travelled across South America for two months through Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. I will never forget my experiences on bus travel across South America. Backpacking pushed my boundaries and showed my so much more than I could ever have imagined. Looking back, I’m so glad I experienced it when I did. Now I try to enjoy a slightly upgraded level of travel!

So, tell us about your *amazing* jobs.

G: I’m Global Exploration Director, I know what you’re thinking, what a weird and wonderful-sounding job title! It truly is my dream job. It is so many different things, it changes, it evolves every day, and that’s what I love most about it.

But yes, we do get to explore the world and we do get to really experience how other cultures live, and hopefully learn from that and bring the best part of those experiences to you guys. And that in itself is the dreamiest job I could have ever wished for.

R: I’m Exploration Manager, and I’ve been in the company for just over three years. Starting in the marketing team, switching over to the new product development team, and now part of the exciting Exploration Team.

As Manager of Exploration, I’m working on creating new categories for Crabtree & Evelyn. So, we’re looking at jewellery, textiles, accessories for home and for yourself. Creating a portfolio that’s perfectly curated for our consumer.

What are you most excited about for C&E?

G:Our CSR program, Exploration for Growth. What we’re doing here is really trying to get to know the communities that inspire us, that we meet on our trips, and seeing what we can give back to them.

So far, we’ve worked with our friend Wayan in Bali, co-founder of The WAS Foundation, donating 5% of all Bali collection profits to his charity. We’ve also partnered with FLYTE, donating $35,000 to fund a full class trip to Puerto Rico once they’re able to travel again.

R:I’m most excited about going back to our founder’s roots. Cy Harvey travelled the world and came back with curated collections, which we had lost touch with as a company. Moving forward, we really want to bring that to the heart of what we do.

The other part is the opportunity to do co-creation. We’re not just presenting you an object, there’s a story behind that object, and a reason that we chose what we chose. There’s a whole curation behind it to discover.

Browse the Bali Collection, inspired by our Exploration Team’s travels.