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Jojoba Oil

Olive & Basil
The avocado fruit has long been hailed for its natural healing and beneficial properties, particularly the ability to moisturise and soothe the skin, while olive oil has been used for centuries in skin care, culinary, and medicinal applications, earning it the reputation of
“liquid gold”.

It is the combination of these two fruits with the restorative and aromatic properties of basil that has resulted in a new ultra-moisturising body and hand care range. These antioxidant-rich fruit oils and soothing basil will help to condition, restore, and moisturise your skin.

Bath & Shower Gel Avocado Revitalising Bath & Shower Gel (250 ml)
This Bath & Shower Gel is formulated with conditioning avocado extract, rejuvenating olive fruit extract, and soothing basil extract for skin, leaving it fresh and gently moisturised.

Retail Price: S$ 30.00
Body Bar Avocado Skin Revitalising Body Lotion (250ml)
This Body Lotion is formulated with avocado fruit extract and shea butter to condition dry skin, basil extract to soothe, and avocado butter to moisturise and nourish skin for a softer and smoother finish.
Retail Price: S$ 35.00
Body Scrub Avocado Skin Nourishing Body Butter (225g)
The luxurious, deep-conditioning Body Butter will condition even the driest skin. It is formulated with conditioning avocado and shea butters, richly moisturising beeswax, soothing basil extract, and rejuvenating olive fruit extract to bestow exceptionally soft skin.
Retail Price: S$ 60.00
Hand Therapy Avocado Hand Therapy (25g, 100g)
Our award winning Hand Therapy is packed with ultra-moisturising ingredients, such as nourishing shea butter and avocado fruit extract to condition the skin, while avocado butter helps leave it softer. Formulated with a blend of vitamins C, E, and tocotrienol, which is rich in antioxidants, along with myrrh extract to help condition nails and cuticles, the Avocado, Olive and Basil Hand Therapy leaves your hands wonderfully soft and supple with every application.
Retail Price: S$13.00 (25g), S$33.00 (100g)
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